Our endeavor is to support, develop, and produce work that is unexpected in subject matter and viewpoint, boundary breaking and thrilling in its presentation, and always entirely of the theater. 

Our theatermakers are widely multidisciplinary, bringing many perspectives and multiple skill sets to the process of every creation.  We place the highest value on originality and authenticity.  No two pieces or creators are ever the same.  To ensure safety, productivity, and growth we pair each project with the program that will best suit their needs, individualizing every process for the most dynamic and fruitful development possible.  Rather than be restrained within any standard season cycle, we work constantly with multiple creators and projects over many overlapping timelines. 

Every theatermaker and piece we support is fully on our minds, in our hearts, and in the room.


Our ongoing internal development series held regularly throughout the year, centering on our intimate group of theatermakers as they develop new works collaboratively.  Sometimes a writers group, other times an open rehearsal or salon, these meetings keep our community in the loop and connected.  Company updates are announced, current ideas and projects are discussed, and new material is shared amongst friends and collaborators.

//BEFOREPLAY: readings in the raw

These public readings provide opportunities for works-in-progress to begin taking steps toward a

full production by adding brief rehearsal exploration and a willing public. Patrons engage with exciting new material in its earliest stages and creators begin clarifying their pieces learning from an audience’s participation.  All costs are kept low, preserving an atmosphere of experimentation and discovery.


Mini productions allow our largest ideas to be tested with smaller costs.  Presented to the public in short, limited runs these pieces further develop based on what we learn throughout performances. 

Every effort is made to engage the larger theater community for their feedback, insight, and support

in taking the piece forward for further development or production.

Most often these projects have moved through several of our development programs over time. 

Many go on to enjoy a full production life, produced by Glass Bandits or presented in collaboration with one of the many organizations we’ve worked with over time.  

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