An Intimate Evening

with Typhoid Mary

Introducing Martin Allen, an ordinary young man in a hospital

dying from an extraordinary disease. As his doctor and nurse attend

to an ever-worsening condition, Marty creates an autobiographical performance in the form of a sold out variety show, of which only he and the audience seem to be aware. Grim realities of the ward blur into a

surreal universe of drag cabaret, as he confuses his life's story with

the history of America’s most notorious food contaminator.

Martin gives us the show of his life and literally every last thing he has.

An Intimate Evening with Typhoid Mary

written and performed by Carl Holder

Directed by Knud Adams

with Ephraim Birney, Justin Kuritzkes, Molly McAdoo, Sofiya Cheyenne Perez

(March ‘16) Claire Siebers, Celine Song, and Peter Mills Weiss (Ice Factory ‘15)

Sets by James Ortiz

Lighting by Oona Curley

Costumes by Andrea Hood

Sound Design by Peter Mills Weiss

Stage Manager Sarah Hall

Associate Producers Amanda Chambers and Brittany Crowell

Press Representative Kamila Slawinksi

Photos by Knud Adams

Ice Factory 2015 and

Spring Season 2016 at The New Ohio